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A bit about the Listening Pond

The idea for this art gallery came about many years ago from myself and another North East UK web developer. We wanted to create a web site that allows artists from all over the world to promote and sell their art work to the largest possible audience on a global scale. We have since developed this website and now have a system that allows our artists to create a profile, manage galleries, upload images of their work, and set prices. The art work in the galleries they create can be viewed, purchased and shipped all over the globe using our integrated system with UPS.

Our Objective

The aim of Listening Pond is to grow an online art gallery offering a range of paintings and art works for sale by various artists from around the world. Starting in the North East we will extend our search to other parts of the UK and beyond.

It's not just paintings we are interested in. We would like to host a range of other artworks like ceramics, sculptures, woodcraft etc. With UPS handling our shipping we have an opportunity to deliver a whole range of paintings and artworks for sale worldwide.

Art Schools, Colleges and Universities

One of our key intentions is to work with art schools, colleges and universities to bring new talent to our galleries

We hope to build relationships with art schools in our quest to find artists from around the globe. For art students looking for education we are developing a location map to provide links to many art colleges and universities both in the UK and around the world. UK locations can be viewed here