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Art Work at the Listening Pond

Welcome to the Listening Pond, a North East founded art network. We are a new and independent online art gallery hosting a range of original works by various artists from different backgrounds, many from the the North East of the UK. We are aiming to become a collective of artists from around the world giving artists an opportunity to sell their work on a global scale.

This global art gallery hosts a variety of styles varying from artist to artist. We give our artist a login area where they can manage their own art galleries and upload their images for viewing on the site.

Listening Pond Online Global Art Gallery

This gallery of artists features a whole host of works exploring the minds and skills of talented people from different walks of life.

We are looking for new artists from around the world to ensure we build upon a collection of artworks with great variety. Any artists interested can apply here.

This gallery started with artists from the North East of the UK, and now we plan to acquire talented artists from many other countries around the globe.

Types of Artists

We are not only looking to feature paintings in our galleries we are also interested in ceramic and pottery artists, sculptures, and wood craft. Integration with UPS allows our artists to ship such items globally. As well as original art paintings artists can also manage limited addition prints, canvas prints etc.

Listening Pond Art Styles

Art work seems to have so many styles and categories it can be put in: abstract art, Modern art, Contemporary art, strange art, crazy art, good art, bad art, what is good or bad art? We welcome any style of art in our aim for great variety.

Buying Art Safely from the listening Pond

There are a variety of artworks are for sale at Listening Pond. Buyers can pay safely via our secure checkout and your artwork will be shipped using a UPS insured shipment. For more information on shipping Click Here

Art Schools, Colleges and Universities

We are putting together a map locating art schools, Colleges and Universities around the globe. UK locations can be viewed here We are interested in building up relationships with art schools and universities in our quest to find talented artists.

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